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Phlebotomy training Fredericksburg VA

Jennifer Vargas, B.S., NCMA, CPI

About Us


Hello! I am Jennifer Vargas, founder and director of Vital Phlebotomy Institute. Established in 2021 with a dedicated mission to serve and uplift the community of Fredericksburg and its neighboring regions, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of healthcare education. I hold a Bachelor of Science with a major in Leadership from Old Dominion University, which has provided me with a strong foundation to lead and inspire in the healthcare field. 


My commitment to healthcare is multifaceted; I am not only a business owner but also a certified instructor, phlebotomist, medical assistant, EKG technician, and billing and coding specialist with ten years of experience. These certifications enable me to bring a comprehensive perspective to my teaching and management. 


Furthering my dedication to healthcare, I am advancing my qualifications by pursuing an RN license at Chamberlain University. This endeavor aligns with my ambition to expand my business and enhance my education repertoire. 


Education is more than a profession for me- it is my passion. There is a pressing need for more healthcare professionals in the medical field, and I am committed to addressing this gap through high-quality training and education. I aim to contribute to our community by providing proficient professionals who are well-equipped to excel in the medical field. The core belief is that by offering accessible and affordable programs, anyone wanting to enter the medical field can do so. 


I find great fulfillment in what I do, especially in helping individuals realize their potential. It is my aspiration to cultivate skilled professionals and uplift and empower them to make meaningful contributions to healthcare and our community.


Welcome to Vital Phlebotomy Institute!

Vital Phlebotomy Institute

Phlebotomy Education Services

Academic Advising

The instructor and institution creates a supportive atmosphere to help students address academic, professional, and personal needs to guide them through the program successfully.

Medical Programs

We offer several medical programs to help students accelerate their medical careers. Our current programs include: 

Tutoring Sessions

Additional tutoring will be charged an additional fee.

Zoom Session: 

  • 1 hour $35 or 2 hours $75

In Class:

  • 1 hour $50 or 2 hours $100


Vital Phlebotomy Institute is certified to operate in Virginia, by SCHEV.

Phlebotomy Course Fredericksburg Virginia

Vital Phlebotomy Institute is Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Approved

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