Vital Phlebotomy Course Fredericksburg Virginia

Jennifer Vargas, BS, MA, CPI

About Us

Vital Phlebotomy Institute was formed in 2021. My mission is to give back to my community in Fredericksburg and other surrounding areas to help, teach, and train others in the profession I am passionate about. My doors will open to provide educational opportunities for adult learners to get certification by making the program accessible and affordable. Any program in the medical field is essential and highly valuable as the medical field is significantly expanding.

Vital Phlebotomy Course Fredericksburg Virginia

Magruder J Fick, Instructor

I have been a local businessman for over 25 years specializing in health insurance. I have been an EMT-I for 25 years doing volunteer and career advanced life support in Louisa County, Spotsylvania County. Also a past Patient Technician and Phlebotomist at local hospitals in Fredericksburg, VA. I also worked as an Advanced Life Support Technician for a Medical Transport Company in Richmond, VA.

Pass Chief and life member at Lake Anna Rescue. Pass Chief at Mineral Volunteer Rescue.

Pass member of Louisa County Fire and EMS Services. Presently holds certifications in American Heart Association BLS, Virginia Department of Health Intermediate, NCPT National Certified Phlebotomist, Technical Specialist-Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates.

Business Management Degree and also attended Vital Phlebotomy Institute for Phlebotomy Certification. 

Vital Phlebotomy Institute

Phlebotomy Education Services

Vital Phlebotomy Advising

Academic Advising

The instructor and institution creates a supportive atmosphere to help students address academic, professional, and personal needs to guide them through the program successfully.

Vital Phlebotomy Class

Medical Programs

We offer several medical programs to help students accelerate their medical careers. Our current programs include: 

Tutoring Sessions

Additional tutoring will be charged an additional fee.

Zoom Session: 

  • 1 hour $35 or 2 hours $75

In Class:

  • 1 hour $50 or 2 hours $100


Vital Phlebotomy Institute is certified to operate in Virginia, by SCHEV.

Phlebotomy Course Fredericksburg Virginia